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    COVID-19 (Corona virus) UPDATE

    The team at TPS Health continues to prioritise the health and safety of our patients, employees and their families during this unprecedented health crisis.

    We remain alert and attentive to the advice of the Australian Department of Health and the Australian Physiotherapy Association recommendations.

    Following government guidelines, we are asking all people who have travelled in the last 14 days not to present to the clinic. We will work to reschedule appointments, and welcome patients back following the appropriate period of quarantine.

    The Australian Minister for Health has confirmed that ALL allied health businesses can continue working and are encouraged to do so.

    In addition he has indicated that they are now developing full allied health telehealth options within the week for allied health along with all other health and medical services.

    This will be part of a staged plan. “Face to face services for many remain vital so where possible, we encourage you to continue. I thank you for your courage, dedication and care”, the Minister said.

    For further information visit

    TPS Health will therefore continue to operate all four clinics as an essential service to the community.

    Please be aware of the existing and added measures we have in place to maintain the highest possible levels of  hygiene and cleanliness for our patients and staff;

    • Increased Infection Control protocol awareness and education of all TPS staff
    • All physiotherapists and reception staff are required to wash and sanitise hands in between each patient treatment, when going on and returning from breaks, before and after eating, after going to the bathroom and after taking payments.
    • Increased cleaning and sanitising of all surfaces and clinical exercise equipment including treatment beds (after every patient), reception desks, phones, keyboards, door knobs, treatment aids etc.
    • Increased hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities available to staff and patients at reception desks and clinical exercise areas.
    • Single-use towels and sheets and products in use at all times
    • Reduced contact where appropriate.
    • Any staff  who are displaying any cough and cold symptoms are to stay off work until symptoms resolve
    • Signage in clinics advising patients of infection control measures
    • Active steps taken to ensure social distancing where possible. Including reduced usage of waiting rooms
    • We ask that patients notify us prior to their arrival at the clinic of any recent international travel or the presentation of the following symptoms:
      • Cough
      • Fever
      • Shortness of Breath
      • Sore throat

    We are in regular contact with the Australian Physiotherapy Australian and Queensland Health and will  continue to monitor advice from government and regulatory bodies throughout this concerning time.

    Please rest assured that your health and safety, plus best practice infection control measures are our top priority.

    Temperature Testing


    All employees, patients and visitors entering TPS Health clinics will be required to have their temperature checked. Testing must be done using handheld, no contact, thermometers.

    If the scanner’s reading result is within the normal range of body temperature (equal to or less than 37.3°C), then it is considered safe to allow access to the clinic. 

    If a person’s temperature is equal to or in excess of 37.4°C then it is considered a HIGH reading. 

    Please contact us if you wish to discuss this process prior to attending TPS Health. 


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