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    Clinical Reformer Exercise

    Clinical Reformer Exercise is the one exercise that has taken the world by storm in the past few years. The reason why? Simple – it’s because whether you are new to exercise or a professional athlete, Reformer sessions will work for you.

    Since the sessions were developed over 50 years ago, different groups have added their own moves but essentially it is a form of exercise style that involves training your muscles to improve posture and alignment. By focusing on your core strength, you enhance the smaller muscles in the body so you’re better able to support the larger ligaments, tendons and joints.

    All TPS sessions use the Clinical Pilates reformers (solid teak construction); Pilates Chair and Pilates Circle; Swiss Ball/Gym Ball. Our sessions are limited to four people only and are conducted by a qualified physiotherapist and accordingly heath find rebates apply.

    Why is it so good for you?


    When our muscles are weak they make compensations for each other which lead to instability and injury. Reformer Exercises encourage you to think about how you perform everyday movements. It heightens your body awareness which in turn improves your overall agility, flexibility and strength. Ultimately, it helps you ensure your body is working at its optimal level all the time.

    What are the benefits?

    Reformer exercises are extremely effective in significantly improving posture and particularly spinal pain and dysfunction; it is also an excellent method of shaping and toning the body in areas that are not traditionally exercised in a gym (inner thigh, buttocks, waist, upper back, shoulders and the back of the arms). Clinical Exercise sessions are suitable for people of all ages and fitness level.


    Clinical reformers involve spring loaded resistance to allow graded and generally pain free strengthening for all body regions but particularly those that are difficult to strengthen; Abdominals, buttocks, pelvic floor, upper back and inner thighs


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